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This is the first official post of the relaunch of, which started in 2003.  We have decided to relaunch on this new digital media platform called the Kalatu blog. focus on animation, pop culture and internet subculture.  

We came across this interesting puppeteer on and just had to post David’s work here – he is the epitome of Animated Lifestyle in a Cartoon Culture.

David Haaz-Baroque is a Bay Area based artist who builds puppets, tells stories and plays the accordion. He is the feature show in the Shadow Circus Creature Theatre in San Francisco.


Shadow Circus Creature Theatre – SIZZLE REEL from Shadow Circus Creature Theatre on Vimeo.

SASSY & NESS – THE EDWARDIAN BALL from Shadow Circus Creature Theatre on Vimeo.

Sources & Articles: Maker Profile Video:

Making a Doctor Who Matt Smith Puppet

A Profile of David Haaz-Baroque, A Maker of Eccentric Puppets

If you are ever in San Francisco or the Oakland Area In California, make sure you check out David Haaz-Baroque’s  Shadow Circus Creature Theatre. He is a man following his passion , creating a world of imaginary characters –  a true creative entrepreneur – making a living from his art.  

“If you had the freedom to follow your passion would you?”

Freedom, meaning money was no objective.  

You didn’t have to worry about making a living, because it was already covered.  Not by a sponsorship, grant or a rich uncle; it was handled because you made the right decisions and someone told you how to follow a system and 8 cores steps.

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